Technology that transforms…

MaxioCel® is powered by innovative Bioactive Microfibre Gelling (BMG™) technology. BMG technology allows MaxioCel to maintain a cohesive structure, delivering: 

  • high absorption
  • strength when wet
  • longer wear time
  • one piece removal
  • vertical wicking
MaxioCel dressing with image of BMG fibre under microscope

Locks in exudate

MaxioCel absorbs exudate vertically and forms a cohesive gel matrix that locks exudate inside the core of the fibres – protecting the periwound skin and preventing maceration, even under compression.(1)

Chart showing MaxioCel has 2.3x the absorbency of Aquacel Extra

Strength when wet

On absorbing wound exudate, MaxioCel’s fibres transform into a cohesive and conformable gelling matrix that maintains its integrity – resulting in simpler, faster, more comfortable dressing removal.

The wet strength of MaxioCel is around 3 times greater than a traditional gelling fibre dressing.(2)

Graph demonstrating MaxioCel is 3x stronger when wet, compared to competitor CMC dressing
Image showing gloved hand holding MaxioCel dressing


CD Medical, Data on file.

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Frequently asked questions

What is MaxioCel made of?

MaxioCel is made from a naturally occurring polymer – Chitosan, which is derived from a bio-compatible polysaccharide called chitin extracted from a sustainable shellfish source.

The Chitin is processed, removing all protein material, and purified prior to fabricating into a dressing,which is then sterilized using gamma irradiation.

Does MaxioCel conform to the wound bed?

Unlike other gelling fibres which can create dead spaces for bacterial growth, MaxioCel conforms intimately to the wound bed.

What should be the frequency of dressing changes when using MaxioCel?

MaxioCel can remain in place for up to seven days, but frequency of dressing changes should be determined clinically by exudate levels. Change Maxiocel before it reaches maximum absorption capacity or when exudate can be seen up to 0.5cm from the margins.  As exudate levels decrease, dressing changes may decrease accordingly.