Chitosan: proven benefits in wound care

MaxioCel® is made from 100% grade A Chitosan, which is derived from chitin, the most abundantly available natural polymer after cellulose. Chitin is a bio-compatible polysaccharide, extracted from a sustainable shellfish source.

The Chitin is processed, removing all protein material, and purified prior to fabricating into a dressing, which is then sterilised using gamma irradiation.

Studies have found chitosan to have several properties that aid wound healing:(1)(2)

  • haemostasis
  • antimicrobial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • non-cytotoxic


(1)Dai T, Tanaka M, Huang VY, Hamblin MR. Chitosan preparations for wounds and burns: antimicrobial and wound-healing effects. Expert review of anti-infective therapy. 2011 Jul 1;9(7):857-79.

(2)Oliveira Ml, Santos SG, Oliveira MJ, Torres AL, Barbosa MA. Chitosan drives anti-inflammatory macrophage polarisation and pro-inflammatory dendritic cell stimulation. Eur Cell tissue repair/regeneration UK.


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