Technology that transforms

Bioactive Microfibre Gelling (BMG™) is a unique gelling fibre technology that utilises Chitosan to maintain a cohesive dressing structure, providing:

  • High wet tensile strength enables MaxioCel to handle high levels of exudate, whilst remaining intact.
  • One piece removal to make dressing changes easier for both clinician and patient.
  • Effective exudate management – Vertical wicking protects periwound skin, minimising the risk of periwound maceration.
  • Effective pathogen and biofilm control – positively charged fibres attract, disrupt and trap bacteria within the dressing – reducing bacterial load which is a barrier to healing.
  • Protection of granulation tissue – encouraging progression along the wound healing continuum.
Bioactive Microfibre Gelling fibre - MaxioCel
Bioactive Microfibre Gelling fibre under microscope. Exudate is absorbed and locked into the core while the outer shell provides strength to the fibre.

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