Case study: Static traumatic wound (haematoma)

Patient history

64 year old female presented with a static traumatic wound to her left leg, of 2 week duration. The patient was a smoker, with no other co-morbidities to note.

Initial assessment

The wound measured 20cm in length by 12cm in width. The wound bed was 100% necrotic with very high levels of exudate. The periwound skin was dry and eczematous.

The patient recorded a pain level of 8 on VAS.

Previously, a super absorbent dressing and reduced compression had been used.


MaxioCel 4 week evaluation commenced, with the aim to manage exudate and promote autolytic debridement.


By conclusion of the 4 week evaluation period, great improvements were seen in this patient’s wound.

Necrotic tissue and slough had been removed, and wound had 70% granulation and 30% epithelialisation.

Periwound skin was healthy, and patients pain level had reduced from 8 to 3 on VAS.


Before and after images of treatment of haematoma with MaxioCel


Clinicians found MaxioCel easy to apply and to remove in one piece, and were impressed with its exudate handling capabilities.

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MaxioCel assisted with reducing pain for the patient as the dressing could be removed easily, atraumatically and in one piece. Good haemostatic properties for this traumatic wound / haematoma.

Joy Tickle - Tissue Viability Nurse Consultant

granulation &

epithelialisation in 4 weeks


A clinical case series: Evaluation of a Bioactive Microfibre Gelling (BMG™) dressing to support improved service delivery in the management of chronic wounds in a wound healing clinic, Joy Tickle, Wounds UK 2022