Case Study: Post-surgical Wound

Case Study Overview

Patient history

55-year-old female patient with a history of hypothyroidism and obesity who underwent skin-sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with a breast expander. Post-operatively, a wound developed in the right chest cavity.

Initial assessment

The wound initially measured 1x1x1cm which was managed with a hydrofibre dressing (Aquacel®) changes every three days.


Following local guidelines and with patient consent, MaxioCel was commenced under a controlled evaluation.

Treatment aims included: protection of granulation tissue, management of exudate, autolytic debridement and promotion of healing.

Wound improvement rates were monitored, with quantitative and qualitative assessments conducted at the initial assessment, after seven days, and a final evaluation one week later.


The wound showed significant improvement from 100% granulating to complete epithelialisation with MaxioCel® treatment.

The wound reduced in size within 14 days and was completely healed after 27 days.

The patient experienced no pain throughout the treatment.



MaxioCel demonstrated excellent performance, absorption capacity, and the promotion of healing, with healthcare professionals noting the product’s activation of the healing process.

Clinicians noted its ease of use and effectiveness, even in challenging wounds that had been static for long periods. The consistent peer recommendation and clinician willingness to continue its use, highlight the product’s perceived value in clinical practice.



To read more about this case study, published at Wound Care Today 2024, download the poster below.
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“The wound healed completely, with the product performance and patient satisfaction noted as excellent


Evaluating A Chitosan Lactate Gelling Microfibre Dressing In Complex Wound Environments: A Clinical Case Series, Carlos Cancela, Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist, Wound Care Today 2024 Aquacel is a registered trademark of ConvaTec Inc