Case Study: Mixed aetiology static leg ulcer


Patient history

71 year old male presented with mixed aetiology static leg ulcer, which he had had for 5 months. Patient was a smoker with hypertension.

Initial assessment

The wound measured 28cm in length x 4.7cm in width x 0.1cm in depth.  in width by 0.7cm in depth.

Wound bed was 25% necrotic, 75% granulating, with dry eczematous periwound skin due to moderate exudate.

The patient recorded a pain level of 5 on VAS.


MaxioCel 4 week evaluation commenced, with the aim to protect granulation tissue and manage exudate.


By conclusion of 4 week evaluation evaluation:

  • Wound had healed sufficiently with 100% epithelialisation.
  • Periwound skin condition was healthy.
  • Exudate levels were dry.
  • VAS pain score reduced to 0.

Mixed Aetiology Leg UlcerConclusion

Clinicians reported that they were impressed with the exudate absorption capability and retention abilities of MaxioCel, with very good vertical wicking. They reported that MaxioCel seemed to control critical colonisation safely over time.  MaxioCel increased the patients comfort during treatment, reducing their VAS pain score from 5 to 0.


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