Case study: Chronic Limb Wound (Second-degree Burn)

Patient history

27-year-old male patient with a chronic right limb wound, originating from a second-degree hot water burn injury.
Medical history included 
brain injury, paraplegic and anaemia. 

Initial assessment

The wound, present since 2014, measured 40cm x 15cm.

The wound was classified as deteriorating and hyper-granular, with 75% slough and 25% granulation with high exudate but no pain.


Dressings were carried out every 3 days with the aim to protect granulation tissue, control exudate, promote autolytic debridement, and encourage healing.


By conclusion of the 4 week evaluation period, the wound condition improved, indicated by reduced hyper-granulation tissue, a decrease in slough by 50%, and an increase in granulation and epithelialisation. 

The wound’s length decreased by 10cm suggesting a positive response to MaxioCel®, which was continued.

The patient reported greater comfort and improved emotional well-being. The dressing’s effective exudate management properties facilitated the transfer of the patient from the bed to a chair, an essential stage in his rehabilitation.


The application of MaxioCel resulted in substantial clinical improvement of a complex, longstanding second degree burn wound. The dressing promoted effective wound management by reducing hyper-granulation, controlling exudate, and facilitating autolytic debridement.

The exact cause of hyper-granulation tissue is poorly understood and referenced as multifaceted. This case suggests the potential of MaxioCel to address some of those causes and potentially be a valuable addition to wound care regimens, particularly for patients with challenging non-healing wounds.

To read more on this case study, published at Wound Care Today 2024, download the poster below.

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“MaxioCel significantly reduced hyper-granulation tissue by more than 50%, indicating its effectiveness in managing over-granulating wounds.”


A Case Study On The Effectiveness Of A Chitosan Lactate Microfibre Dressing In Managing Hyper-granulation Tissue In A Chronic Second-degree Burn, Ana Raquel Alves, Wound Care Today 2024